7 Wardrobe Accessories for the Marie Kondo in All of Us


Marie Kondo seems to have taken over the world— and our wardrobes— with her organisational methods. The author/guru/sensation shows off her skills in her new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The Kondo zen-like energy of a decluttered space has entranced people all over the world. People all over are craving minimalism in their homes, in stark contrast to the cluttered fashions of the past. When you want that minimalist look, but don’t really want to get rid of your stuff, wardrobe accessories can be your saving grace.

With millions of her books translated and sold in countries all around the world, her work reflects a change in design. While some people still like gaudy and over-the-top interiors, most now prefer a clean, laid-back, and modern home. Not only does this open up a space, it can also be quite easy on the eyes.

Organising Your Room with Wardrobe Accessories

Despite our love for an organised and modern home, each of us has fallen prey to a cluttered room at some point or another. With laundry surrounding us, Marie Kondo’s closet hacks can help free up our wardrobes and our lives. We think that these 6 items would be Marie-approved and guaranteed to tidy up your wardrobe at home:

1. Pull-down Clothing Rail for Tall Wardrobes


Wardrobes are great for hanging multiple levels of clothing, but if you’re petite like Marie Kondo, you may have difficulty reaching clothing on the top rail. A pull-down clothing rail for tall wardrobes helps you reach that little bit further to choose your clothing with ease.

2. Shoe Rack for Wardrobes


A shoe rack for wardrobes helps you organise your shoes so that they’re not all over the floor of your room or wardrobe. Whether you add in a shoe rack or extra shelving, the space will help you organise your wardrobe. Extra shelving can also be a fun way to display your fancier shoes!

3. Tie/Belt Holder to Go in Wardrobes


A tie and belt holder for your wardrobe will— you guessed it— keep your ties and belts organised and on display.

4. Pants Rack for Wardrobes


There’s no need to waste extra hanging space on pants. Since you don’t need to worry as much about awkward creasing in your pants, a pants rack can keep them tucked away nicely, leaving more room for blouses, jackets, and your grandmother’s wedding dress!

5. Internal Wardrobe Drawers


Sometimes you don’t need to hang up an item. T-shirts, undergarments, pyjamas, and socks are perfectly fine folded away in drawers. Just be show to fold them up in your internal wardrobe drawers Marie Kondo- style in neat rolls for optimum storage and display.

6. Wardrobe Divider


A wardrobe divider can divide up the space in your wardrobe and make room for some extra shelves. Dividers are a cool way to customise your wardrobe.

7. Extra Shelves for Wardrobes


Yes! We know we mentioned shelving about a dozen times. That’s because extra shelves for wardrobes are such an easy way to provide more storage or a cool display for your hats or other knick-knacks.

How Wardrobe Accessories Can Help Free Up Your Mornings

A few small changes in your closet or wardrobe can set your mornings up to be more productive. Finding clothing when you wake up takes time. There’s no reason to set your day off by running late just because your trousers were in the wrong drawer!

Where to Find Wardrobe Accessories in Ireland

While you can find wardrobe accessories online or in stores, it is best to check the wardrobe manufacturer to see if they supply additional wardrobe accessories. This ensures that your wardrobe accessories will fit your wardrobe perfectly. The last thing you want is a shoe rack that won’t fit!

It can be difficult to find wardrobe accessories in Ireland online because of limited international shippers, so your best bet is finding a wardrobe store in Ireland that can ship to you.

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