Designer German Kitchens

For the last decade, German Kitchens have become increasingly popular. German kitchen designers instinctively take a ‘less is more’ approach to planning. This naturally means German kitchen design fits in perfectly with modern style demands (thanks to their sleek, minimalist look) which is bang on trend in 2022. Along with the design, new ergonomic features and ingenious safety solutions mean German kitchen popularity is soaring.

For the last decade, German Kitchens have become increasingly popular. German kitchen designers instinctively take a ‘less is more’ approach to planning. This naturally means German kitchen design fits in perfectly with modern style demands (thanks to their sleek, minimalist look) which is bang on trend in 2022. Along with the design, new ergonomic features and ingenious safety solutions mean German kitchen popularity is soaring.

Why are German Kitchens so Popular?

Thanks to its extensive history of engineering experience, Germany has a knack for design that shows in their kitchens just as much as their cars. Functionality is essential in the German kitchen; they not only need to take the rigors of daily use in their stride but go the extra mile to make cooking in a German kitchen a truly enjoyable experience. Consequently, the way drawers open, doors close, and space is used are all features that are given extreme attention when German kitchens are designed and built.

What Sets German Kitchens Apart from Other Kitchens?


There is a common misconception that (because of their fantastic quality) German kitchens are costly. This is not true! It is possible to get excellent quality at a great price. Also because German kitchens come fully assembled and are delivered directly from the factory it can reduces hidden material costs and warehouse costs which can be passed onto the customer.


Traditional Irish kitchens usually feature chunky worktops, patterned doors and ornate handles. Modern German kitchens are clutter-free, with clean lines, streamlined worktop profiles and handleless doors. They bring elegance to a home with their “no-hassle” take on sophisticated design.

Handleless kitchens are becoming increasingly popular all around the world, and many people don’t realise that this revolutionary kitchen style was actually born in Germany, with the very first kitchen with integrated handles being designed in Germany in 1960!


German kitchens are manufactured and assembled simultaneously, which means they are delivered to you fully built, with a “glued and dowelled” cabinet construction. This alone sets them apart from many other manufacturers across the globe as lower quality brands usually supply their kitchens as flat-packed. German units arrive full constructed, which not only means a stonger, long lasting kitchen but also saves on installation time (and therefore costs!)

On that note, you can count on a modern German kitchen being high-quality and long-lasting; the components like hinges and drawer runners undergo vigorous testing to ensure standards are met. Worktops and door surfaces are also tested for resilience against various chemicals, to ensure your new designer kitchen won’t lose its WOW factor a few years in. 


The attention to detail in German Kitchens means functionality is absolutely as important as the design and aesthetics. Thanks to state-of-the-art production techniques, you can ensure perfection down to the millimetre. Everything runs smoothly. All of the kitchen units and drawers work together harmoniously. A functional dream!

Bespoke Solutions

Flexible specifications are a fantastic feature of modern German kitchens – most custom build solutions can be made to order, and ingenious storage solutions mean no space is wasted. Units are available in multiple widths and heights to suit you and your family’s needs! The main aim for German kitchen designers? To utilise space in the best way possible! All of the bespoke solutions available ensure that your kitchen is perfect for your home.

With the above to consider, it’s easy to see why so many people are going German when considering a new kitchen. If you want to start designing your kitchen today, check out our design process and begin the journey to your dream kitchen!!

What Style Kitchen Is Right For Me?

Every person and every home is different, when it comes to German kitchens all looks and styles can be created. Using the latest modern manufacturing processes paired with amazing designs and materials we can create your dream kitchen. Below are some of the best selling styles from our Waterford kitchen showroom

Why Choose Envision German Kitchens

Modern German Kitchens Designs

Modern, handle-less kitchens look linear and spacious. “Concentrating on what’s essential” is the idea. Nothing distracts from the fronts.

To achieve this, handles are replaced with flush and uniform recessed grips and designed in a line.

Traditional German Kitchens

For those looking for modern designs but in a more tradional style we have endless options. Our tradional ranges includes classic shaker doors and classic handles that can give your home that more traditional feel.

Ceramic German Kitchens

Ceramic kitchens have become an increasingly popular option in recent years. They offer the perfect balance between style and durability. Available in a variety of colours, they create an ultra-modern and unique look, with the ceramic also offering effective heat, scratch and stain resistance.

Ceramic is a material that provides prestige & an ultra modern look to your kitchen. Natural individual texture of each door make each kitchen totally unique. Ceramic has been used for a very long time but with new technical advances, it has only recently found its rightful place in kitchens.

Not only can it be used on kitchen doors, we can use ceramic to clad certain areas of the kitchen for a maximum modern look.

Our ceramic kitchen doors are made from clay fired at extremely high temperatures. Ceramic doors are fine-grained in structure and provide great consistency in colour. Each door has its own individual character together with the texture.

Glass German Kitchens

Perfect for anyone who wishes to add an element of sophistication to their kitchen. Glass German kitchens are sleek, contemporary and incredibly eye-catching. They can be installed in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and are guaranteed to stand the test of time – even in busy households.

High Gloss German Kitchens

German kitchen units with a high-gloss finish are ideal for smaller properties. Their shiny surface causes light to reflect off the countertops and cabinets, making the space look bigger and brighter. What’s more, they’re very easy to keep clean and are both water and stain-resistant.

Matte German Kitchens

For anyone with a large, expansive property, a matte kitchen is a stylish yet practical option. The most popular shades include grey and black. But there are many colours to choose from, allowing you to create an individual, contemporary look. They’re also very low maintenance.

Wood German Kitchens

If you prefer to keep things classic, we also have a range of wooden German kitchen units. You can choose from either real wood veneers or a durable textured laminate, in various colours and finishes, and combine them with ceramic or glass units to create a truly unique design.

Handleless German Kitchens

A handleless kitchen is defined by its lack of door mounted handles. Instead, the doors on  handleless kitchen units are reduced in height by around 30mm, creating a gap through which to access a continuous handle profile that sits behind them. This handle profile comes in both an L and a C shape, and is what creates the iconic “unbroken line” aesthetic that handleless kitchens are famed for.

What is a TRUE handleless kitchen (push-to-open)?

A true handleless kitchen has no handles whatsoever – think normal kitchen units, but with the handle completely removed. As there is no L or C shape profile behind the doors either, the doors on true handless kitchens don’t need to be reduced in height. True handleless kitchens are therefore operated entirely by “push-to-open” mechanisms that come in a range of varieties (and costs!). They are popular for their modular, minimalist look but beware that the costs of achieving this can quickly add up, particularly where integrated appliances are concerned.

Are handleless kitchens more expensive than regular kitchens?

A common misconception is that as they are more design-oriented, handleless kitchen units will cost significantly more than normal kitchen units. While this may vary in truth from manufacturer to manufacturer, the extra items you would need to make a normal kitchen into a handleless one really shouldn’t justify a huge cost increase.

Will a handleless kitchen work with my appliances?

Absolutely! If an appliance can be integrated (hidden within a kitchen unit or behind a door) there’ll be a solution available to make it work in a handleless design. Certain dishwasher models can sometimes cause issues when integrating due to their heights, however if you’ve got a handleless kitchen in mind then a good designer should be able to guide you during the planning process to help avoid technical pitfalls like this.

What are the advantages of a handleless kitchen?

Unlike regular kitchen units, the handleless style offers an almost re-invented approach to traditional planning solutions – deliciously presented in a distinctive contemporary style. Our German Handleless Kitchens are built to incremental raster systems, meaning equal divisions of door heights across unit runs are possible for a thoroughly balanced aesthetic –no more unsightly mismatched drawer lines! Unique accessories are also available, such as grip ledge lights to illuminate your L profile handle.

Are there any disadvantages to a handleless kitchen?

Generally speaking, no. The price of a handleless kitchen should be just as reasonable as that of a regular kitchen, and there are only a small number of extra planning nuances that your designer will need to consider when working through your wishlist. They require little to no extra cleaning, and come in a huge variety of colours and styles. Handleless kitchens are just as accessible and ergonomic as regular kitchens, with the added bonus of transforming your home into a stunning modern space.

What are the design features of handleless kitchens?

Opting for a handleless kitchen opens up a whole new world of design possibilities that handled kitchens can’t achieve. The contemporary themes they employ (like the “unbroken line” feature) are bursting with modern flavour, and consequently have inspired a selection of unique design elements exclusive to handleless kitchens such as wrap-around end panels, grip ledge lights, vertical handle profiles and many more.

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