What are wardrobe Accessories?

Getting the internal layout and functionality of your wardrobes right is one of the most important parts of the design. It’s important that your wardrobes look good but the internal layout needs to function well. There are a number of stylish and innovative accessories available for wardrobe interiors which can help to make better use of the storage space within and improve the functionality of your wardrobes considerably.

Which Options do I have?

Our wardrobe ranges fall into 3 categories. Each Range has a different finish on the interior so accessories need to match these. However do not worry as all the same accessories are available for all 3 styles as detailed below:

Standard - Line Grey


Semi Solid - Alder


VIP - Line Silver


How to Identify Each Interior Type?

There are a number of ways to identify the interior style of any given range:

  1. Use the images for each above to search
  2. Check the product tags – this will say which option it is for example if its a VIP range will say Interior – Line Silver
  3. The product range will have a bubble to state if its part of the Semi-Solid Range or the VIP range. All other wardrobe ranges are standard.
  4. Simply Ask – if you have any doubt contact us as we are here to help.

Standard Internal Layouts

As standard most wardrobes unless stated otherwise will come with 1 top shelf and 1 hanging rail as standrard.

You can then add extras to get the most effective storage solution for your needs. Examples include:

  • Extra shelfs, hanging rails, pull downs, internal drawer, internal and external lighting, tie and trouser racks, shoe racks, internal mirrors, accessory holders etc etc. Options are effectively endless.

Understanding the compartment sizes

Below is a guide on Compartments to help you choose which and how many accessories you could have in your selected Wardrobe.

1 - 180Cm Sliding Wardrobe


2 - 225cm Sliding Wardrobe


3 - 270Cm Sliding Wardrobe

  1. Total Width = 180cm. Four Compartments, 45cm Width. Able to put 45 – 50cm Accessories in Four Compartments
  2. Total Width = 270cm. Six Compartments, 45cm Width. Able to put 45 – 50cm Accessories in Six Compartments
  3. Total Width = 270cm. Six Compartments, 45cm Width. Able to put 45 – 50cm Accessories in Six Compartments

1 - 180 cm Hinged Wardrobe


2 - 200cm Hinged Wardrobe


3 - 270Cm Hinged Wardrobe

  1. Total Width = 180cm. Four Compartments, 45cm Width. Able to put 45 – 50cm Accessories in Four Compartments
  2. Total Width = 200cm. Four Compartments, 50cm Width. Able to put 45 – 50cm Accessories in Four Compartments
  3. Total Width = 270cm. Six Compartments, 45cm Width. Able to put 45 – 50cm Accessories in Six Compartments

Internal Dividers & Shelving

One way to simply change the configuration of the wardrobe layout is to add extra shelving and/or a clothes divider. A clothes divider is esentially an insert that divides the open space into 2 sections, In the images below on the right side both have this divider. In both examples, the first section is a smaller hanging area and the second includes extra shelving. This can give you more space for folded clothes as well as allowing you to have flexibilty and storage. These can also come in shelving on both sides.


Internal Drawers

A lot of wardrobes come with built in external drawer units, however for those that do not you can still add internal drawer sets to get the desired storage without having to compromise on external finish and door choices.

Often people who need drawer storage feel they need to stick to a hinged wardrobe range however they can easily choose a sliding wardrobe range and have hidden drawer pack internally (As seen below).


Extra Hanging & Pull Downs

Depending on the height of the wardrobe we often recommend pull downs instead of higher shelving, this allows you to maximise the space and allow easy access to clothes that are being hung up. This would remove the extra storage at the top section


Tie & Belt Racks

Tie and belt racks for wardrobes allow you to keep your belts and ties hanging up so that you can see them easily and so that they are not just left at the end of the wardrobe and out of sight. Its a great and tiny solution. They of course can be used for scarves and other accessories.


Self Close & Soft Close Systems

Some of our wardrobes come with self closing systems included and others can have them added. Its a great feature as it stop doors being slammed shut and allows you to easily close doors especially large sliding doors with ease.


Shoe & Trouser Racks


This stylish pull out trouser rail is particularly useful if you need to keep your neatly ironed trousers crease free and organised. Although this rail is a nice addition to any wardrobe it does take up quite a bit of space for the relatively small amount of storage it provides.

Similarily the shoe rack is a great addition to the bottom of your wardrobe and helps keep your wardrobe organised and clean.


Interior & Exterior Wardrobe Lighting

Wardrobe lighting can really enhance the look of your wardrobe, illuminating the amazing finishes externally and giving you amazing light when looking for that right outfit. There are a variety of styles available included squared LED’s, Strip lighting, internal motion sensor lighting and much more. They can be an expensive addition but will last thousands of hours as they use the latest LED energy saving technology.