Custom Kitchen Designs

At Envision we design stunning designer kitchens that go well beyond the typical design offered by kitchen companies. Depending on the clients needs we can spend between 5-20 hours on their kitchen design. its a significant investment of out time but we always ensure that they are 100% happy before proceeding as its a huge investment and we take pride in our work.

How the Kitchen Design Process Works?

Step 1: Appointment 

Our client typically books an appointment with a member of our Design Team. On the first meetings clients are shown around the showroom, they have a tea/coffee and they go through all their needs and their budgets.

Step 2: Measurements

Clients often provide measurement at the first stage but where possible we like to get our own measurements to make sure that the design process is using the exact measurements.

Step 3: Draft Design 

Based on the information the designer has they will work on create a truly unique design that reflect the clients requirements. The client will then come back into the showroom and meet the kitchen designer and discuss everything in detail.

Step 4: Updated Design 

Taking into account all changes and notes from previous design meeting the kitchen design team will update the design and keep updating until the client is happy to sign-off on the design

Step 5: Order

As the kitchen design has been signed off the only thing outstanding is the final confirmation of order, the client then provides the deposit. Designer will then review all elements again and submit the order with our German kitchen manufacturers.

Kitchen Design Software

We currently us one of the leading software options on the market – a system called Winner. This kitchen CAD software is used by most of the largest kitchen manufactures around the world.

It allows us to design and create photorealistic renders that help showcase our designs and allows the client to see exactly what their kitchen will look like.

Kitchen Design - Project level


Kitchen Design - 3d Render


Kitchen Design - Photo Render


Kitchen Design - 3D vs Photo Render

Yunax-German-Kitchen-3D-View  Yunax-German-Kitchen-Render

German Kitchen Design Gallery

Below are just some samples of the renders from past designs we have worked on: