German Wardrobes & German Bedroom Furniture

We have teamed up with two of Germany’s leading bedroom furniture manufactures. This means we can offer our customer over 200 different ranges of German bedroom furniture. Each range has a different style, product options, finishes and price range.

Delivery Only vs Supply & Fit

As all our German bedroom furniture products come flat packed and we offer customers two options: Delivery Only or Supply & Fit, for some products it extremely easy to assemble, while others like larger sliding wardrobes we would highly recommend only an experienced installer.

Free Standing vs Fitted

All our German bedroom furniture products can be left as free standing items but can also just as easily be fitted, the only extra needed is matching panels which we provide. This is typically up to customers preference and the additional cost is minimal

Order & Delivery Process

All our products are made to order with our German Manufacture partners.  This ensures that we only sell the highest quality furniture to our customers.

We aim to have all orders fully completed from approx 6-8 weeks after the order is verified. Our process is :

Furniture Categories

Below are the main furniture categories that we offer our customers from our furniture store in Waterford. Our expert sales team are here to help so if you have any questions please contact us.

Why Choose Envision German Bedroom Furniture

German Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to furniture the Germans have a world renowned reputation for quality. At Envision we have a massive selection of German bedroom furniture for sale in our Waterford furniture showroom. We also have access to thousands of products that are almost endless. As covered in this page we supply and fit Wardrobes, beds, lockers, drawer units and more. They are all made to order in Germany and delivered as flat packed furniture.

Our expert sales team will help you from start to finish to make sure that you get the right furniture for your home. We offer free consultations in store – so why not pop by have a coffee or tea and let us help you through all the choices.

German Sliding Wardrobes

We supply and fit sliding wardrobes and built in bedroom furniture across Ireland. Our Waterford showroom has a wide selection of German sliding wardrobes to view. Call into us today or book and appointment.

Why Choose Sliding Wardrobes over traditional hinged wardrobes?

1. Space-Saving – Without hinged doors, sliding wardrobes allow you to make more use of floor space within your home. What’s more with them being built into existing walls you are essentially creating additional storage space without compromising on your existing areas.

As well as space saving, with many sliding door systems integrating mirrors, the use of reflection in a room helps to maximise the appearance of space with light, so not only are you’re getting more floor space, lighting accentuates this.

2. Style – Sliding wardrobe systems offer timeless modern style aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially when compared to more traditional storage solutions. The fittings of each wardrobe allow them to blend seamlessly into most walls with the ability to customise colours and finishes to suit your room.

Whether you’re looking for something with a heavily contemporary feel, minimalistic design or leaning toward the oriental side you can browse our doors collection online and find something to suit your style!

3. Storage – The bedroom is easily one of the rooms which gets the most cluttered over time, as after all its where you begin and end your day, perhaps with a nap in between. What sliding wardrobes offer in the way of storage is convenient. They provide easy access (with no fiddly handles) combined with sleek operation, alongside the ability to customise with internal storage to meet your own personal needs.

German Hinged Wardrobes

Standard hinged wardrobes will always be popular as they offer amazing versatility. They can be traditional or modern and they can be built to fit any space unlike sliding wardrobes which typical have a minimum width in order to be suitable.

Factors to consider when choosing a wardrobe design?

1. Materials – With Komandor you can choose from a huge selection of wood finishes from the doors to the carcase, there are dozens of glass and mirror finishes for the doors, different handles and even different styles and colour of the fittings.

2. Functionality – Do you want a wardrobe that maximises hanging space for clothing or for storage of large items such as bed linen etc, these factors will affect the style of wardrobe you should go for and the internal layout and accessory choices

3. Aesthetics – Do you want a more traditional door or do you want to go super modern with all glass designs, every customer is different. Often there are cycles of popular styles where certain looks may be more popular. However its important to remember that a Komandor wardrobe is built to last so make sure the style you choose will be one you will be happy to have in 10 years time.

German Corner Wardrobes

If you love to make use of every ounce of space in a room, a corner wardrobe will give you that sigh induced, satisfying feeling you’ve achieved optimum storage in your bedroom! Instead of leaving those hard-to-fill spaces sat empty, it makes sense to utilise corners, particularly in smaller bedrooms.

Corner wardrobes maximise your space, offering a sartorial storage solution that will keep your clothes and accessories well organised and in easy reach. 

The Benefits of a Corner Wardrobe

Corners can present a challenge when you’re configuring your bedroom furniture and are often left as a void of wasted space (precious space if you’re dealing with a small room) or home to a corner shelf or two!

Corner wardrobes offer a fabulous solution for what would otherwise be an empty space. Perfectly made to snugly fit into these angled recesses, corner wardrobes take full advantage of a room’s awkward space, transforming the area into prime storage space.

Corner Wardrobe Options

When it comes to corner wardrobes we really have so many options – in fact there is simply too many to discuss but some of the most existing options are:

  1. Walk In Space
  2. Mirrored Doors
  3. Internal Accessories
  4. Joining Wardrobes (Sliding or Hinged)
  5. Lighting

German Beds

Every Bedroom needs a bed, at Envision we offer a huge selections of German beds that will match our bedroom furniture collections. Our beds come in a variety of different finishes with features like padded headboard, lighting and even under bed storage.

UK vs Europe Bed Sizes

Not many people know this but in Ireland we use the UK bed sizing. While the difference vs our European counterparts is not significant it vital you know the difference. Many mattress suppliers now over both sizing such as JYSK and IKEA

UK Mattress Sizes

  • UK Small Single mattress: 75 x 190cm (2’6″ x 6’3″)
  • UK Single mattress: 90 x 190cm (3′ x 6’3″)
  • UK Small Double (sometimes called Queen) mattress: 120 x 190cm (4′ x 6’3″)
  • UK Double mattress: 135 x 190cm (4’6″ x 6’3″)
  • UK King mattress: 150 x 200cm (5′ x 6’6″)
  • UK Super King mattress (occasionally also called Queen): 180 x 200cm (6′ x 6’6″)
  • UK Large Emperor mattress: 213 x 213cm (84” x 84”)
  • UK Caesar mattress: 245 x 220cm (96” x 87”)

EU Mattress Sizes

  • EU Single mattress: 90 x 200cm (3′ x 6’6″)
  • EU Small Double: 120 x 200cm (4’ x 6’6”)
  • EU Double mattress: 140 x 200cm (4’7″ x 6’6″)
  • EU King mattress: 160 x 200cm (5’3″ x 6’6″)
  • EU Grand King mattress: 180 x 200cm (5’11” x 6’6″)

German Dresser Units

At Envision we supply a wide variety of dressing / drawer units. They come in many different sizes, with different finishes, handles and styles. However these units are not limited to the bedroom they are often used around the home for many different storage needs:

Most Popular Uses of Dresser Units

1. TV units – As our dressing units and drawer units come in some amazing finishes including glass and high gloss people often use them as a TV stand around the home

2. Storage Units – As the options for storage are extensive including doors, drawers and shelving, these units can be used for any room in the house.

3. Sideboard – Many people use them for additional storage as a sideboard in their kitchen or dining room

German Beside Lockers

To finish out the bedroom furniture set many people like match their bedside lockers to their wardrobes and beds. At Envision we have hundreds of bedside locker options for you to decide on.

Things to consider when choosing Bedside Lockers

1. Size – Our bedside locker ranges come in a variety of different heights and widths depending on the range and budget.

2. Finish – Our bedside lockers come in a huge variety of styles and finishes. Options include Wood/Glass/Mirror doors, different wood finishes, different handles, legs.

3. Accessories – You can also add accessories such as phone chargers, LED lighting, glass shelving to some of our amazing bedside locker ranges

4. Cost – As with all furniture every decision you make affects the price. However we have bedside lockers to suit all budget so dont be afraid to get in touch


When it comes to picking the correct wardrobe its really important that you consider the interior layout and the accessories needed.

What Type of Wardrobe Accessories are available?


We produce bespoke shelves adaptable to every need including shelves of different length, width and depth. We use 18 mm or 28 mm board panels. In some cases we use sliding shelves with handles or with a lower positioning front. A solution especially recommended for walk-ins to increase storage for more bulky items like bedding and winter clothes.

Hanging Rail/Rod

This clothes rod is essentially a metal tube which is usually attached to the sides of a wardrobe or to the outer walls. Due to the installation of two rows, one below another, we are able to optimise the interior space of the wardrobe. We can position the rods to any height to allow hanging of different length items from shirts to full length dresses. However, we like to ensure the rod is no longer than 100cm; which is the perfect length to support the weight of the contents of an average wardrobe.

Belt hangers and tie hangers

This very practical piece of wardrobe equipment helps to arrange ties, belts and scarfs with less fuss and no tangling. The hanger is placed on the side walls of the wardrobe so it does not take up too much space and slides out to full length accommodating 11 ties and 6 belts. Our hanger colours come in black and chrome.

Trousers hanger 

This type of hanger is designed for trousers as well as the accessories such as belts and clothes brushes. The hanger comes in chrome, fully slides out and contains up to 8 pairs of trousers. It is additionally secured with ‘gums’ that prevent the clothes from sliding down on the floor. It can also be successfully used as a skirt hanger.

Shoe shelf 

Our open-work shoe shelf is perfect for walk-in closets where our shoes can be seasonally stored. This is another product from our collection which can be fully extended, enabling its user to access four pairs of shoes at a time. Shelves can be placed on different levels so that you can design your own space purely for your shoe collection.


Drawers can be fitted in a block arrangement in the wardrobe or they can be installed one next to another. They can be of multiple sizes: height and width depends on a customer’s individual needs. The choice can be made from a variety of sliders and handles. The most useful drawers are those with partial and full slide-out, with a brake, which ensures silent closing.

See some of the accessories below:

Wardrobe Layout Men VS WOMAN

Women's wardrobe Layout


Functionality and comfort are typical features of woman’s wardrobe. Everything needs to be carefully designed and tailored her needs. Not only is a wardrobe a piece of furniture, but it is also a very private space, almost a sanctuary for clothes and accessories. Allow its interior be your private space for comfort, designed to meet your needs, where everything has its place chosen by you.




Logic and plans – these are the components of a man’s wardrobe. All the elements need to be practical and functional, because a wardrobe is used for storing things. Using your wardrobe’s potential to logically place your things will help you to store everything you need and take care of your comfort. Everyday’s usage of your wardrobe and keeping everything in order won’t be a problem!