Modern Sliding Wardrobes that will Transform Your Room


Modern sliding wardrobes can transform any bedroom into a sanctuary. Whether you’re creating a decorative false wall with the wardrobe, or simply using it as a statement piece with storage, a modern sliding wardrobe can be a great alternative to your standard door opening wardrobe.

Because the paneling is larger than on a hinged door, a modern sliding wardrobe blends seamlessly with the rest of your room. In various shades and style, glass and wood blend seamlessly together to soften your bedroom. Not to mention, they also hide the mess of your clothing!

Mirror Sliding Wardrobes


Make your wardrobe a mirror sliding wardrobe! The large sliding doors on a modern sliding wardrobe are great real estate for a floor length mirror— built into your wardrobe! Doubling the sliding door as a mirror, not only lengthens your room, but also give you a head-to-toe vision of yourself.

If you’re not into the entirely mirrored look, you can centre it between two decorative doors. Want to be extra unique? Checkered mirror and glass doors are a great way to make your modern sliding wardrobe a trendy feature.

Synchronised Opening

Synchronised opening sliding wardrobes offer a cool, but subtle feature for your modern sliding wardrobe. When you slide open one side, the other opens as well, revealing your great collection of clothing. Rather than flipping through one side to the next, you can view all your clothes at once.

Sliding Wardrobes with TV

Want a great sliding wardrobe and a media unit? You’re in luck! Now you can have both without giving up ample storage. These modern sliding wardrobes have a built in TV unit with hidden shelving, drawers, and hanging space. What more could you want in your bedroom retreat?

Walk in Sliding Wardrobes

Want the luxury of a walk-in closet without having to build one into your house? A walk in sliding wardrobe could be your solution! This modern sliding wardrobe can function as a wall separating your wardrobe space from your bedroom. Put your bed in front of it to save space, or put a TV on it and make your room a media sanctuary.

Checkered Sliding Wardrobes

This style of modern sliding wardrobes is for the funkiest of the group. If your style is undeniable, you can mix and match wardrobe tiles with different colours and materials. The choices are infinite and it’s all up to you!

Wood Sliding Wardrobes

Modern sliding wardrobes can be made out of classic materials as well. Wood sliding wardrobes add a timeless appeal to your bedroom. Wood tones provide a lovely sense of warmth that makes sleepy time even cozier. These wardrobes can come in beautiful oak, or you can get more creative with wood grain effects. Mix and match with a glass or mirror door for an awesome, modern effect.

Unique Sliding Wardrobes

Modern sliding wardrobes are classically style, so they will match any decorations for a lifetime. If you want something with more pizzazz, classic may not be for you. Unique modern sliding wardrobes may fit the bill if you want something unlike what you’ve ever seen.

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