TV Unit Uses and Ideas


TV Unit Uses and Ideas

The living room is often the focal part of any home. In this day and age many hours are spent in front of the TV, wether its to binge on the latest Netflix series or watching your team get a last minute winner, some fantastic moments happen right in our own living room. It is important to feel as comfortable as possible. The right couch can make all the difference. Often that couch is faced toward the TV and as style and design has progressed over time, Living Room furniture involving TV’s has changed as well. We are going to look at some unique TV unit uses and ideas.


TV Cabinet Boxes

Simple in design, a TV Cabinet box works ideally against flat walls. The size of your TV is important to accommodate the base and legs of your TV. A smaller cabinet would suit a flat screen TV with a small base. Different cabinets give the option for drawers and spaces for media units like a Sky box, Apple TV box or consoles to be placed into. This allows a clean look and will get the most space out of even the smallest TV cabinets. In the picture below we can see DVD players on either side with the wires going through the back.




Larger TV Cabinets automatically make it easier to use more devices and find a way to fit them all. The larger the surface the more space for a larger TV. As well as that there can be more stored in the drawers and open spaces like the one shown in the image below. This means more choice for the devices that drive your entertainment.




TV Feature Units

The right amount of space allows you to really get creative when arranging living room furniture. With a feature unit you get all the benefits of extra storage while all the while creating a stand out piece for your living room. Different furniture sets allow you to mix and match the furniture to your liking. Even finding matching shades of wood or whatever finish you prefer will mean you can make your own set that is just right for you. In the image below we see a fantastic blend of wooden finishes, modern furnishing and a nice warm feel from the furniture.




Not everyone is going to have larger spaces that a TV feature unit would be imagined in. Smaller doesn’t mean you have less options, it just means we have to make use of what we have available. Take the image below, smaller than the previous feature unit but it in no way loses out in style and function. A smaller piece for smaller space. Still looks amazing and offers plenty of storage.




Wall Feature Units

It is becoming more popular in design to have a wall-mounted TV feature unit. This has a very modern feel to it and makes the surrounding area much cleaner looking. No messy wires, just a floating piece of furniture that has very little depth but a lot of personality. Shelves offer the space needed to house entertainment devices. These wall feature units can be a great conversation piece and make your living room be the go-to place on your home.





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