Furniture Assembly Tips for Flatpack Furniture


Assembly Process

In this day and age it is becoming more frequent to order products online rather than go into a store to do it. Not only is this because of technology giving us the option to do so, but also due to a desire people have to see the fruits of their labour. Whether it’s your child’s dollhouse, a book shelf to smarten up the living room or even something that still requires assembly even though you promised your spouse you’d do it weeks ago, people love the challenge of assembling their own furniture.

A majority of furniture these days are delivered as flatpack products and come with a full step by step instruction manual. When it comes to assembly most people will have no problems at all assembling the products but we still recommend reading our furniture assembly tips below.

1. Prepare Your Working Area

Assemble the furniture in the same room where you plan for it to live. Moving after assembly could not only damage your home or new furniture, but can also be heavy and cause possible bodily harm. Create enough space by clearing out fragile items around the work area; you don’t want to break other things while attempting to build a new item.




2. Unpack the Boxes

Open the package and make sure that all of the parts have been delivered without any damages. Be careful while using sharp objects to open the cardboard boxes. It’s possible to scratch off the laminate or damage the furniture while unpacking. To create a flat surface to ensure the stability of the item on the floor, cut open and use the cardboard from the packaging. This can also help protect your floor from possible injury during furniture assembly.




3. Organize

After unpacking, identify the parts, group similar items together, and lay them out in an orderly manner. Flat packs come with a lot of small parts: nuts, bolts, screws, nails, knobs, washers, cams, cam bolts, caps, and more. Separate them in plastic bins or cups to avoid ruffling through a pile every time you look for an item. This can also help prevent the small pieces from rolling away and disappearing as you shuffle around the floor.




4. Find the Right Tools

Gather the necessary tools before beginning the project, most furniture assembly requires a hammer, a set of flathead and philips-head screwdrivers, measuring tape, sandpaper, and a level. Power tools like electric screwdrivers and drills with interchangeable bits can make your work easier while building complicated items.




5. Follow the Instructions

Flip through the manual pages and strictly adhere to the illustrated instructions as to how to build the furniture. You might want to go through the handbook more than once to get a clear picture of the process. Start building from the base and then move on to the details. If there are many similar items, build them simultaneously to avoid confusion.




6. Be Patient

Assembling furniture can be a mundane task. Some of the steps may not be very intuitive. Patience is required, as is the need to relax and take breaks. If you rush through, you are more likely to make mistakes.




7. Double Check

Follow the instructions closely and recheck from time to time to ensure that you are building it correctly. You don’t want to redo the entire process because you missed a step. Your safety and the safety of your furniture is at stake.




8. Get Help

Sometimes a second pair of hands is necessary, why not ask a friend or family member to give you some help. This will make the process so much quicker and maybe an more enjoyable.




For all our products at Yunax Modern Furniture we offer assembly for Home Furniture and Bedroom Furniture. If you have any questions about Furniture Assembly tips for any of our products please feel free to Contact Us.

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