Stylish Bathroom Cabinet ideas with storage


Stylish bathroom cabinets really can add a sense of glamour to an unsung room in your home. Not only can they be a standout piece for your bathroom with an elegant look, but they can also utilise a lot of storage in a room that is vital for any household.

Bathroom cabinets can often go unnoticed and under-appreciated. In various different shades and styles, these pieces collaborate together to create a collage of fine craftsmanship that transform any bathroom wall. Take inspiration from these stylish bathroom cabinet ideas with storage and see what ideas you come up with for own home.


Vanity Cabinets



Vanity cabinets will more often than not be the focal point of your bathroom. This unit combines a large pullout drawer with attached mini-shelves for extra storage that gleams from the dark-cement grey countertop combined with honey-coloured oak. The sleek, floating look instantly adds a modern touch and the stylish feel from the wood compliments the ceramic sink. The sink sits perfectly on top of this pristine unit and can be personalised with trinkets for added style.


Floor Cabinets



This stylish floor cabinet gives the sense of large storage without taking up too much real estate on your bathroom floor. Not interested in the open shelf? Many styles feature a full length door with handle which can sit very well from floor to ceiling. This can be a fantastic way to utilise space if size is a factor.



Mirror Wall Cabinets



Mirrors will always be an important piece for any bathroom. This incorporates the simplicity of a mirror hanging over your sink with storage for toiletries included. It can make a huge difference to space on your wall and takes the pressure off of other cabinets for storage. The added vanity light allows for adequate lighting whether your doing your make-up, gelling your hair or just perfecting a bathroom selfie!


Moveable Storage



Need something unique for your bathroom, in addition to acting as a seat it is also a storage unit. Wheel it around to any part of your bathroom. Stylish and compact, can tuck away nicely in the corner and be brought out when you need it.


In conclusion, all these stylish bathroom cabinets offer ranges of storage. You can do an awful lot with bathroom furniture, similar to the rest of your home. If you can envision the space and what you need it for, there is no end to uses for these stylish bathroom cabinets.




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