Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas


The Kitchen is an integral part of any home. It provides a warm atmosphere and it is important that it feels homely as we often spend a lot of time there. Kitchen styles have varied thanks to new methods in construction, design inspiration and other ways that someone could put an artistic touch to a room. We can look at various different options when it comes to kitchen renovation designs. Cabinet doors, floors and countertops all come together and transform the look of these rooms. See what ones you like and take inspiration from these modern kitchen renovation designs.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional Kitchens date back to a time where quality and design were not the priority. Unlike Modern Kitchens, Traditional Kitchens focus more on the smaller details and character. This is shown by using wood based materials. The wood can then be painted to suit each persons taste and how they want someone to feel being in the Kitchen. These wood-based Traditional Kitchens are often complimented by wooden floors. This combination can look very flattering and provide a satisfying authentic feeling. Shaker Panel cabinet doors with simple handles are the key to this Traditional Kitchen.




The darker shade of cabinet door is highlighted with the bright marble countertops and backsplash. The oven and hob act as a medium between the sink are and other countertop space. The contrast in colour between the two Traditional Kitchens shown is immense. Bright, wooden and simple versus dark, sleek and elegant. These styles look opposite to one another but they both fall in the category of Traditional.




Two kitchens with the exact same design but different colours. Two very different feels are given off because of this. The green enhances the contrast of the wooden floor along with the colour of the walls. The brown has a more old-fashioned feel to it with the darker countertops to amplify the old-age feel.






Modern Kitchens

On the other end of the Kitchen design threshold, Modern kitchen designs are fast becoming a popular choice when planning the layout for a renovation. Sleek and futuristic looking they incorporate appliances, shelves and lights which allows for a clutter free area. The key to a modern design is allowing yourself to have clean and spacious area. This gives the freedom to relax and will make any modern kitchen look better. Hiding Kitchen clutter is important for that modern look. These cabinets are deep and provide plenty of storage. From this the Kitchen island below acts as a beautiful table when it comes to entertaining and all the while the utensils can be packed away and out of sight.




Bright colours and unique space ideas make this kitchen really stand out. You can see each detail can be tweaked to match someone’s taste and really capture a personality. The clean lines of the cabinets add clear shape to the unit. The shelves compliment the space massively and the underside storage is great way to showcase ornaments trinkets you want on display.



In conclusion, even though that they is a clear contrast between the two styles, traditional and modern kitchens can still provide a great atmosphere for your home. Firstly, the design will instantly make an impression on anyone who enters. Secondly, contrasting colours will have an impact on the feel. Thirdly, the way you use your space and storage can allow your imagination to run wild with ideas.

If you have your own kitchen renovation design ideas and want to find out a bit more, reach out and contact us today


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