4 Differences Between Sliding and Hinged Wardrobes


A question we always get asked here at Yunax is what are the main differences between Sliding and Hinged Wardrobes. Every situation and home is different so its important to choose the right wardrobes for your space. After all, wardrobes are a long term investment. There are many options these days depending on your personal taste, practicality and budget. One choice that you will have to make is whether to go for sliding or hinged wardrobes. They both have different benefits and features which could be what you are looking for. Finding it difficult to decide? Fret no more! We are experts here over at Yunax and we’ve come up with 4 differences between sliding and hinged wardrobes to make that decision a little easier. 


Style: Traditional Vs Modern 

The first difference between them is the style. Hinged doors would definitely be a traditional choice. It is important to keep to the style of your house, so if your house is more conventional, this might be for you. This doesn’t however, mean that your home has to look dated or ordinary. There are many modern designs that will still fit into your classic space. 

If your house is more modern, sliding doors would be a perfect option. They are contemporary and sleek and come in all different materials and finishings. Whether you want to go ultra-modern or slightly more modest, there are endless possibilities. Unsure whether traditional or modern is for you? Combining materials like hickory oak and glass is one example of how many options there are, for both sliding and hinged doors, that offer a bit of both.



Space Vs Visibility

The second difference is one that is very important when choosing a wardrobe- space vs. visibility. A big thing to consider when shopping is the amount of space there is available in that room. Does your room offer enough space to open the hinged doors of a wardrobe? If space is tight, it might not be practical to choose this option.

Sliding doors, however, do not offer the same problem. No additional space is required in order to use the wardrobe comfortably. On the other hand, there is also an advantage to having your hinged doors open out- it offers full visibility of its contents. Sliding doors, on the contrary, offer only a view of the section that is open.  A decision you would have to make is which one of these is most needed- Full view of your wardrobe or additional space in your bedroom.



Size Vs. Storage 

The size of the wardrobe and the amount of storage available is certainly going to be a deciding factor when choosing this piece of furniture. Again, both hinged and sliding door wardrobes have their own benefits and disadvantages regarding this. Sliding doors can run the full length and width of the wall and from floor to ceiling. This is obviously hugely advantageous to space available. However, there are some restrictions for hinged wardrobes in how big they can be made and installed. The standard max-width of a hinged door is 60cm, due to the weight of the door on the hinges – some exceptions apply to this rule.

So, it would appear now that sliding doors have the upper hand when it comes to storage? Not necessary. There are some additional storage options that hinged doors have that sliding don’t. With a variety of different shelving options and hooks that can be attached to either the back of the door or separately, hinged doors are not lacking in the storage department.



Track Vs Hinge

When we look at the mechanisms of each type of wardrobe, there is one key difference. Hinged wardrobes have, evidently, hinges! These movable joints allow the doors to move in and out. Due to their simplistic design, they can be repaired easily by either a tradesman or yourself. It is not uncommon for these hinges to become loose, however, being gentle and careful with your wardrobe will ensure its longevity. 

The mechanics of a sliding door is a little more advanced than the basic hinge. A track needs to be fitted to the frame and then rollers mounted. It is possible to do this yourself, however, it might be best to have a tradesman in. Yes, it is possible that repairs overtime will be needed. However, just like the hinged wardrobe, the sliding door will last, if taken care of properly. Check out our tips on assembly and fitting for more advice. 


Picking new furniture or fitting out a room can be stressful and daunting. With so many options when it comes to size, style, price, practicality and more, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In the case of wardrobes, there are so many choices and there are a lot more than 4 differences between sliding and hinged wardrobes but we hope our expert advice has eased your worried mind, just a little! Check out our website to find out more and book in for a free consultation 


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