2022 Guide to Modern German Kitchens


Many people often ask us about our kitchens so here is our 2022 Guide to Modern German Kitchens:

‘Made in Germany’ has a positive reputation worldwide – and not just for kitchens, but for everything from cars to beer. When something is made in Germany, it is seen as reliable and high quality, but why?

For the last decade, German Kitchens have become increasingly popular. German kitchen designers instinctively take a ‘less is more’ approach to planning, unlike designers here in the Ireland. This naturally means German kitchen design fits in perfectly with modern style demands. This is thanks to their sleek, minimalist look which is bang on trend in 2022. Along with the design, new ergonomic features and ingenious safety solutions mean German kitchen popularity is soaring.

So, are German kitchens really better than the rest? Well, arguably, the answer is yes. Let’s discuss why a German kitchen is of a higher standard than most and how their designs are helping shape the modern world.

Why Are German Kitchens So Popular?

Thanks to its extensive history of engineering experience, Germany has a knack for design that shows in their kitchens just as much as their cars. Functionality is essential in the German kitchen; they not only need to take the rigors of daily use in their stride but go the extra mile to make cooking in a German kitchen a truly enjoyable experience. Consequently, the way drawers open, doors close, and space is used are all features that are given extreme attention when German kitchens are designed and built.

What Sets German Kitchens Apart from Other Kitchens?


There is a common misconception that because of their fantastic quality German kitchens are costly. This is not true! It is possible to get excellent quality at a great price. Depending on choice of materials and layout they can easily be comparable to local kitchens.


Traditional English kitchens usually feature chunky worktops, patterned doors and ornate handles. Modern German kitchens are clutter-free, with clean lines, streamlined worktop profiles and handleless doors. They bring elegance to a home with their “no-hassle” take on sophisticated design.

Handleless kitchens are becoming increasingly popular all around the world, and many people don’t realise that this revolutionary kitchen style was actually born in Germany, with the very first kitchen with integrated handles being designed in Germany in 1960!


German kitchens are manufactured and assembled simultaneously, which means they are delivered to you fully built, with a “glued and dowelled” cabinet construction. This alone sets them apart from many other manufacturers across the globe as lower quality brands usually supply their kitchens as flat-packed. German units arrive full constructed, which not only means a stronger, long lasting kitchen but also saves on installation time and therefore costs!

On that note, you can count on a modern German kitchen being high-quality and long-lasting; the components like hinges and drawer runners undergo vigorous testing to ensure standards are met. Worktops and door surfaces are also tested for resilience against various chemicals, to ensure your new designer kitchen won’t lose its WOW factor a few years in. 


The attention to detail in German Kitchens means functionality is absolutely as important as the design and aesthetics. Thanks to state-of-the-art production techniques, you can ensure perfection down to the millimetre. Everything runs smoothly. All of the kitchen units and drawers work together harmoniously. A functional dream!

Bespoke Solutions

Flexible specifications are a fantastic feature of modern German kitchens – most custom build solutions can be made to order, and ingenious storage solutions mean no space is wasted. Units are available in multiple widths and heights to suit you and your family’s needs! The main aim for German kitchen designers? To utilise space in the best way possible! All of the bespoke solutions available ensure that your kitchen is perfect for your home.

With the above to consider, it’s easy to see why so many people are going German when considering a new kitchen. We really hope that 2022 Guide to Modern German Kitchens has made the choice of a German kitchen easier. If you want to start designing your kitchen today, check out our kitchen design process or contact us and begin the journey to your dream kitchen!

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